Remember one thing you are unique! Hence deserve things that are unique. When you get something customised it's not just your Monogram or Initials that go on to that product, it becomes an impression of your own personality. We are at your service to help you to add that extra touch of personality to your belongings.  


We at tōramally offer you any color that you wish to have your favorite product in. As we all know our favorite color defines our personality. The colors we choose say a lot about your physical, mental, and emotional states. It excites you and makes you feel alive


We'll help you get a custom tattooed shoe for yourself to wear it like an expression of your own desires. Something that is at par with your personality.  

Hand Painted Miniatures

Miniature painting is a part of our age old tradition it can be traced back to the 7th century AD. It's a small attempt at our end to give you the luxury of experiencing hand painted should as our ancestors would have had. We allow you to fully customize a hand painted products as per your desire keeping our ethos intact.  


We'll help you create a unique product from scratch for yourself or to gift it to someone special. We let you imagine and create what you desire to have with the help of our experts who will not only guide you though developing a unique pair for yourself but will make sure to keep our ethos intact.