Our favorite color defines your personality. The colors we
                                                                                                                  choose say a lot about our physical, mental, and emotional
                                                                                                                        states. It excites us and makes us feel alive.     

It talks about you!

We all our unique in our own way and it's imperative for us to experience the same to understand our own self. It's not less than a boon to find someone who can understand your needs and desires and personifies it in front of your eyes. What is a greater joy for a shoe lover who finds someone who can help
him in bringing all his desires to life. In our experience it gives our clients immense pleasure and amazement at the same time when they comes to us and get flattered by the offerings nonetheless it gives us immense pleasure to see the same.    


Artists and the Art

What we offer you is nothing but an art form it's a piece of our own identity. Developing a surreal texture or an ombre takes more than just the knowledge of color. Our artisans mix and match the colors and pigments to crate a unique texture on leather that can only be seen on some of the most beautifully aged leather products. It not only takes skill set but also the taste that you acquire with your life experiences.

Our dexterous artisans mix colors to develop an unusual and unique patina. The tools such as wide variety of brushes, sponges and old fabrics facilitate an artisan to bring out the rich two tones and helps them to appreciate the real beauty of a quality leather.

From multi color ombre to special textures, everything is developed layer by layer bringing out that unique depth.  

Patinated Leather

Our pieces are hand painted - one coat after the other. The staining of a full grain uncoated leather which is made from the handpicked quality skins bring out its real natural beauty and rich, two-tone shade and adds a brush stroke texture that is signature tōramally. Our products are cut from the finest selection of leather, eliminating all defects.        

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