Hand Painted Miniatures

Miniature Paintings

Delicate handmade paintings which are truly kaleidoscope of rich Indian history use to be done on palm leaves, wood, ivory, handmade paper, marble, leather, on walls and even on cloth. Earliest Indian miniature paintings can be traced back to the 7th century AD, when they flourished under the patronage of the Palas of Bengal.

Delicately detailed brushwork, intensive labour by the masters along with the natural minerals like stone dust, 24k gold and silver dusts are used to create the exquisite colours  

With the advent of Mughals, Miniature Art in India truly thrived. It was at the zenith point during the period of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan he being the greatest great patron of miniature painting. 18th century the grandeur of these beautiful work of art began to decline.

It is still practiced in a few regions in India, but not with the same level of detail as the original paintings. We want and are trying to bring back this work of art that's getting eaten away by time bit by bit. Our aim is the revival of the art and also help few artists who are still left. Miniature paintings are an integral part of our cultural heritage and an alibi to our prosperous past.

Artists and the Art

Our main aim at tōramally is to help and support artisans and try to revive miniature painting and bring it back to the main stream. Our artisans are the people for whom painting was never a way to earn money instead it was always about the inner satisfaction and peace money comes along with it but was scarce. It gives them immense pleasure to work on such products where they do what they always loved to while improving their regular income.

Our artisans work closely along with the design team that includes designers, pattern makers,shoe makers and the design head. The everyone works in close proximity to create and make sure each and every product is developed maintaining quality standards. The color pallet for the collection is developed under the supervision of design head. The concepts are sketched sketched on a paper and rendered as per the design direction.  

Our special leather is cut as per the patterns and begins the work of the artists, he then as per the concept sketch starts sketching onto the leather along with the design head for any on the spot improvisations. An array of tools such as various kind brushes, sponges and old fabrics are used to bring back and revive the era that's slowly slipping through our finger  

Custom Miniature  

We have a range of products with variety of beautiful miniatures to select from but we don't hold our clients back from letting their imagination flow free. From exquisite mughal motifs to the swirling dragons it's all at your disposal and our experts are at your service to help you develop a pair that's unique and also resonates with our ethos. One can select from whats existing or develop something completely new in terms of artwork, colors and placements our team will help you with all the nitty gritty. It's a beautiful feeling when things are in your hands to twist and turn, swap the colors or use silver or gold, we'll do what every it takes to help you develop a pair that's simply unique at the same time keeping our ethos intact.  




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