About Us

Focusing on the re-introduction of hand-made luxury goods to the Indian market, tōramally is here to offer a range of luxury footwear and accessories to the modern, metropolitan man. After years
of being offered machine-made, mass-manufactured footwear, shoes and accessories by tōramally will tease you with the whiff of an era gone
by - an age of steam engines, cigars and elegantly dressed gentlemen.

Design Inspiration

Our shoes draw inspiration from the impeccable craftsmanship of the early 1900s, but they are meant for the well-heeled modern man, who values a pair of good shoes. Cut from fine grained leather, tōramally pieces are hand-made and meticulously finished to ensure that each pair stands the test of time.


Our Goodyear welted shoes go through, a labor-intensive process that ensures greater support, and increased levels of durability. These shoes also feature a characteristic Y shaped bevel on the outer-sole. Popularly known as the Fiddle waist, this bespoke finish was initially
employed by English shoemakers to add to the strength of the outsole as well as its aesthetic value.

In addition to classics such as tan, charcoal and burnished black, tōramally brings to you a whole new range of unusual hues and tints. Instead of directly using coloured leather, our pieces are hand painted - one coat after the other.
This technique brings out a rich, two-tone shade and adds a brush stroke texture that is signature tōramally.

Hours are spent on building up the shine with multiple layers of water and wax, giving each tōramally shoe gets it characteristic ‘mirror shine’.

The brand also offers the customer the option of personalising their shoes and even changing the colour of the pair to darker tones post purchase.

The tōramally story is not complete without highlighting a key reason for our existence.

We aim to give talented artisans a canvas to show the world their skills while earning their livelihood. Currently working with a small team of artisans, tōramally intends to set up a studio to house over 50 - 100 artisans.