Tōramally Custom

We'll help you create a unique product for yourself or to gift it to someone special.

Everything in this world can be discussed and agreed upon by means of a normal conversation, here is how we are going to take your customization forward. It's going to begin with a conversation between us. We'll listen to your wishes, to understand your tastes, and also to share vast know-how, to dialogue and make suggestions.
The kind of product that you wish to have, the shape or color preferences that you would like us to incorporate for you. Whether you wish to go for Hand painted Patina, Miniature painting , Tattooing or any other detail, we'll discuss, reason and explore it all to arrive to a unique product for you. 
For customizing a pair of shoes we'll further require other details such as all the three  Shoe sizes that you generally wear i.e. EUR/UK/US, along with this we'll ask you to help us with width preferences if any.


The Patterns are made keeping your requirements in mind and are detailed accordingly. The Leather is then cut according to these patterns that are developed specifically for you.

The Leather pieces are then assembled and sewn together buy our specialist craftsmen. 



The trials are only done for shoes as these are subjected to fit.

As per information provided to us earlier by the client we make two trial pairs. These can have the difference of either half or full size depending on the clients request.

Both of these trial pairs are shipped to the client for trials.

Once the Client has tried the pair and has confirmed the size these trial pairs are called back to the factory to be finished accordingly. 



At tōramally Customs we try to accommodate and incorporate any desires that our clients may have before we start to hand paint and finish the final pair, as long as it resonates with our aesthetics.

The clients are free to make any changes or alterations in terms of Color , hand Painting or Tattooing as with us the possibilities are infinite.

The products are then Hand painted or Tattooed as per the clients requirements. Tattooing adds a tactile feel to a liner surface while Hand Painting brings out a rich, two-tone shade and adds a brush stroke texture that is signature tōramally.

Hours are spent on building up the shine with multiple layers of water and wax, giving each tōramally shoe gets it characteristic ‘mirror shine’.



After months of work the on the tōramally products and over 300 process that are involved in making a tōramally Goodyear Welted pairs these are finally ready

All the tōramally Shoes are shipped in a special Screen printed Pine Wood box wrapped in a beautiful organic muslin cloth along with a quality shoe bags to keep it safe from scars and scratches. 


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