Summer / Resort 2018

<p><strong>Daddy Dandy:</strong></p>
<p>We have all heard stories about our ancestors, who they were, and what they used to do. Over time one notices similarities in interest that have trickled down to us. I can trace my interests to Shri. Chandrika Prasad Kavi - Diwan of Benaras and my great grand father. According to stories, not only was he learned and fluent in multiple languages, but was also was one of the most elegantly dressed gentlemen in the riyasat. According to my grand father, he used to get up at 4 a.m. in the morning and go to the akhara for mall. By 7, he was ready to leave for work in one of his tailor made achkans. His treasured fountain pen - a gift by his father - in his chest pocket, a crisp cotton safa, handstitched oxfords and a walking stick with a brass tiger head as a handle - his attire was complete.Once ready, his dressing room was locked by Girdharji - his valet. It is said that he had few almirahs just for his safas and shoes. From derbies to button boots, he had amassed a collection over years of travel. Maybe this is where I get my shoe fetish from. I knew in my earliest years at design school that when I’d come up my first accessory collection, it would be about how elegantly our ancestors dressed.</p>